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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hero product for tired party girls: Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener

Hello make up lovers,

I'm working very vehhhry long hours at the moment (like a 17 hour day) but I still like to squeeze in a few nights out in when I can.

I can't tell you how amazing Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener is for those painful mornings after when you can hardly open your eyes and you look decidedly ropey.

You only need a tiny amount so the small jar lasts ages. I like to dot it under my eyes, a little smudge on the outside and inner eye corner and a little dot under the arch of my brow. Then blend gently with a finger or brush.

It covers the grey blue dark circles under your eye but where it really excels is by lifting and brightening the entire eye area especially when you use it either side of the eye. It nevers looks cakey, instead looks moisturised and is pretty long lasting.

It is a true miracle worker when you're desperate to pull off looking 'fresh'!


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